How does it work (technically)?

BlipTo is primarily a hop tracker, based on an intermediary redirect.

This is different from standard traffic statistic tools or web analytics:
a) Regular trackers/analytics: With these tools, traffic is flowing directly to your website and measured passively:
Traffic source => Own site (directly)
b) BlipTo tracking: Done in active mode by inserting BlipTo in the traffic chain, as an intermediate hop url:
Traffic source =>BlipTo => Own site (fast-redirected through BlipTo)
BlipTo gathers most of the data it needs during the intermediate redirect.

Advantages of hop-based tracking

There are many advantages of using BlipTo, let's mention a few:

  • BlipTo can detect requests that are otherwise invisible to standard traffic tools. This including various bots and browsers without JavaScript enabled.
  • Unlike regular traffic statistics, BlipTo does not only measure traffic but it also offers certain control
  • The ability to track multiple traffic sources like ad platforms / social media traffic in one place
  • Bot control - detect and selectively block bots from reaching your site (coming soon)
  • Identify and block bad IP ranges ( offers site protection; fraud protection; reducing site load) - features coming soon


BlipTo cannot not control/block traffic that does not go through itself. This means you cannot have control over organic (SEO-based) traffic. Still it will be able to at least track organic traffic soon (see below):

Why hop tracking?

There are a lot of situations where a hop tracker is what you need (see our Usage Types). BlipTo is also keen in offering more control over the traffic, including traffic cleanup / control wherever possible.

Side note, the redirect is performed as fast as possible (less than 0.1 seconds), so the overall load time for a user remains very good. We are also always keeping our DNS servers maintained to ensure queries are answered fast and redirect is done quickly.

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