What is BlipTo?

What is BlipTo?
BlipTo.com is versatile free Click Tracker / Link Tracker / Traffic tracker. It is an marketer's URL management and statistics tool, based on redirect (also known as a hop-based tracker).

It offers traffic monitoring and control. BlipTo is a SaaS platform.

How it works: Unlike analytics tools, BlipTo controls and monitors traffic being redirected through its internal intermediate point (“hop”). This has certain advantages and a different usage in comparison with general analytics/statistics tools.
Usage Types
There are many potential uses for BlipTo. Here are the most important ones:

  1. A/B Testing URL Rotator
  2. General Hop Tracker / Paid ads tracker/ Banner and solo ads tracker
  3. Social Media Traffic Tracker (inbound traffic to your site)
  4. Affiliate Traffic Tracker / Affiliate Statistics
  5. Third-party Traffic Verifier Tool (detect reasons for significant differences between traffic sent to, and received on a landing page)
  6. ... and more (create yours)

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