Why should I use BlipTo?

Why should I use BlipTo?
BlipTo has been created for small businesses first of all. Regardless how small your business may be, we believe you need A/B testing. Many of our users also need hop-based traffic tracking. We're here to help.

Problem: Link Tracking, Click Tracking and A/B testing tools are usually very expensive, and therefore they are out of reach for many small businesses. Furthermore, often they are difficult to use.

Solution: BlipTo is very easy to use, and offers a lot of value for much less. Start using BlipTo today, through our free trial. Upgrade to a suitable Paid account when ready.

Product Improvements
BlipTo evolves continuously based on suggestions from our users. We are user-centric and free-centric. We'd love to hear your thoughts and improvement requests.

If you have a specific need, or would like to request a new feature – feel free to Contact us anytime. We will do our best to implement any potentially useful feature as soon as possible, at no cost to you.

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